From Monday, September 1 in the East Village: 

I saw Robert Pattinson with his arm around FKA Twigs outside my apartment today… who knew they were a thing? 

(And Twiggs did have a concert scheduled in Ireland, but she cancelled it and never left NY.)

(via pattinson360)


Whole Catch Bargain — no kidding. Buzzfeed is having fun with the new pics of Rob and Tahlia at Venice Beach yesterday. Cute take on the new romance — lots of pics and funny captions.

Step 7: Remember that if he’s happy, then you should be happy for him. Even if it means he won’t be dating you.

Check it out here.


Vintage pic of Rob with his childhood friend, Sam Bradley, and a new pic Sam posted today, of his day at Venice Beach yesterday. 


Had an incredible day yesterday watching “The Chosen One” and “The Hall Of Fame”lift the trophy at Venice Beach yesterday.


Someone looks very happy, relaxed and satisfied. New pap pics from Monday, September 22, 2014, Rob and Tahliah in LA today.